WHAT is outdoor counseling?

Throughout history, physical activity has served as an effective method for processing thoughts, gaining perspective, and achieving clarity. Formally known as “walk and talk therapy”, outdoor counseling is a unique, holistic approach that combines traditional counseling with the physical action of walking. Side by side, client and counselor spend the session outdoors, walking together while simultaneously discussing, addressing, and processing concerns. The efficacy of this model has been well proven and shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits.

While walking is the typical method of practice, outdoor counseling is not limited to this. Together we can creatively explore other modalities, specific to your needs, interests, and passions. For example, gardening within the context of the counseling relationship has been proven effective and a way through which many find peace. Likewise, when working to enhance parent-child relationships I have engaged both parties in cooperative play at local parks, working on connection and attachment. The possibilities are limited only by a responsibility to ensure safety and a commitment to maintain integrity of practice.