Due to the personal nature of what is discussed during counseling, every effort will be made to respect client confidentiality. In most situations, the communication between a client and counselor is protected by both state and federal law and by the rules within my profession. This means that your relationship with me as my client, all information disclosed in our sessions, and the records of those sessions are confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your written authorization. Per State Law, the following are exceptions to confidentiality:

  • When a client may be a danger to him or herself or to others.

  • When a child, elderly, or disabled person may be subject to abuse or neglect.

  • When a court order exists, or the counselor or records are subpoenaed by the court.

  • When a client signs an Authorization & Request for Release of Confidential Information & Privileged Communication, to release information about his/her counseling to a third party.

  • When it is determined that it would benefit our work together or for the pursuit of professional excellence, I may consult with another professional. I would discuss this with you beforehand and only a summary of your case (without any identifying information) would provide the basis for consultation.


The next is not a legal exception to your confidentiality but is in place for any couple with whom I work. If you and your partner decide to have individual sessions as part of our work together, what you say in those individual sessions will be considered a part of our collective work and can (and probably will) be discussed in our joint sessions. Please do not tell me anything you wish kept secret from your partner. I will remind you of this policy before beginning such individual sessions.

To maintain confidentiality, the use of audio or video recordings and photography are prohibited during sessions.

With regards to outdoor therapy, please be aware that all reasonable efforts will be made to safeguard your confidentiality but there are inherent limits to confidentiality with sessions being held in a more public environment than the privacy of an office. We will thoroughly discuss any concerns you have and plan for potential scenarios prior to utilizing outdoor therapy.