Just like you I precariously juggle multiple life roles, sometimes successfully, but mostly learning as I go, seeking wisdom and counsel from others and valuing the relationships that challenge me to become a more well-rounded, purpose-driven version of myself. The guiding principle that we are all real people with real struggles in this journey called life drives my work as a counselor. I believe in meeting people where they are, affirming that every person deserves grace, respect, compassion, and understanding. Together, we work to identify your personal strengths so that you can utilize those to live authentically and passionately, grounded in knowing who you are and gaining confidence to use your unique strengths to face and overcome life challenges.

I view counseling as a collaborative process in which we focus on your specific goals, value system, and life narratives. Acknowledging the individuality of each client as well as the uniqueness inherent to each experience of loss, I have found it most helpful to integrate different theories and techniques in a purposeful way depending upon your defined needs and particular situation. The resounding tenet of my approach is that change is best facilitated as we establish an authentic, mutually respectful, and honest partnership. I strongly believe in the healing power of sharing your story with someone who genuinely cares and desires to understand. Through my gentle nature and calm demeanor, I aspire to provide a safe, nurturing, and, as necessary, challenging space in which open communication and growth can occur.